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One of the biggest things that strikes me with Trash the Wedding dress photos, is that they are high fashion and contrast. You know the soft and nice with the dirty and hard back ground..


It goes for those things that always gets peoples interest from photography and that has to be “not the way we see it”. IF you look at something such as a flower, then look at the same photo taken in macro mode ( thats a really close up shot ) then you become more interested, as you know what your looking at. You just havent ever seen it like that before. I think this applies to trash the dress and rock the frock. You simply dont see it unless someones having a real bad wedding day..

I dont think that people are going to try out trashing their wedding dresses with their point and shoot camera as trashing a few hundred pounds of wedding dress for a maybe get some photos, isnt going to be the stomping ground of the weekend warrior wedding photographer.

I think that trash the wedding dress makes for a great round of photography portraits. Photographs that are different from the bleached out, over contrasted and over saturated venture portraits that people are having. Photographs that inject real life, movement and artistry back into the photography and the pictures.

A story photo, think of what its saying

  A story photo, think of what its saying


This is what matters in any photo, a story, and something that makes you think, its not always about wow, you look great.


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Trashing the wedding dress dispite its name sake, is not always about trashing a dress and then binning it afterwards.

In fact the dress we used came up clean after the Trash the Dress photo shoot we did. OK, so it took two washes, but it still came up clean.

I was reading the posts on the Times on line about Trash the Dress photo shoots. and it would seem from some of the posts that women think that its a waste.

I though this was funny

I plan to trash my dress in 2 weeks time. I could spend £100 on getting the dress dry cleaned and then shove it in a box…but I’d much rather spend the money getting some fun pics. And as long as theres enough ‘decent’ material left to make a garter and ring cushion for my daughter I am happy! x

its a bit of good fun to some but not to others.

I think all those who encourage this sort of thing are just hooligans at heart. And those who participate in it are little better. To my mind, it is vandalism tantamount to sacrilege. What a sad relection on what society has become!
Think of your gown as it was…then see it as it is after the fun

Dennis Silver, St. Annes, UK


Well you cant always please everyone. But saying that…

If people book a trash the dress shoot with us, then they can borrow a dress from us speciffically for this type of shoot. We have a few and we will be getting some more in as people book up for the shoots. I think one of the key points as to the dress getting trashed, is mainly down to the material that its made from, as we know some materials stain more than others. With wedding dresses less than £150 you cant really go wrong.. Who said you had to trash your own dress???

AND  Importantly, we do a Rock the frock shoot, which is like trashing the dress but with less emphsis on destruction like some of the shoots I have seen.

So its a choice that we offer at the end of the day.

  1. Trash the dress, your own dress or a loan dress from us.
  2. Rock the frock, with a loan dress from us or in your own dress.

Being a wedding photographer, I have seen dresses that are almost as bad after a wedding as they are from a Trash the Dress shoot.

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Well its a bit of a long and boring job, but now I need to transfer a lot of photos to this site to make the albums come up.. Oh the joy!


Then its all about adding content. and some blog updates to say whats going on and things that have been happening.

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