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As you may have guessed from our Trash the Dress and Rock the Frock photo shoots, there does seem to be an air of wedding portraits in the photography. Well, thats because Rory ( the photographer) is an award winning wedding photographer.

Our wedding photography service from National Photographer is called Wedding Elegance by National Photographer

Not a short name, but this is due to a company called Wedding
Elegance. They have got nothing to do with us, but you should read the reviews about them, its not good, but we had to comment to clear the name where we use it..

Anyway pop over and take a look and see. and dont forget we do Bridal Boudoir for that special gift and all wrapped together means a great discount on all the shoots



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We have just introduced the new google cart to the website. So when you now click the booking page, you can pay for the photo shoots online.


For clients wanting to book a personal shoot by appointment, you wont be able to book your photo shoot online. This is because you will need to check the availability of your photographer before hand.

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