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Autumnal photo shoots offer a little something different to the summer shoots. 

With the weather changing, now is the ideal opportunity to go for a Trash the Dress photo shoot in woodlands and for those dusty city/urban shoots.

With the deep reds and oranges and a lower intensity of light, photo shoots can look dramatically different and stunning with which rich colours can add a more mysterious look that differs dramatically from the strong light of summer.

If you are looking for that Vamp look or a ghostly look to your images, then this could be just the right time of year to book your shoot.

You could put the picture on your halloween invites or on cards for next year; Or maybe just a little bit of fairwell to the end of this summer with a fun photo shoot with friends?


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Rock the Frock is not about trashing your dress on the photo shoots, but getting pretty close to it and your dress may get a little dirt on it, but nothing that cant be cleaned off.

If you are worried, we do keep a dress stock so that you can use the dresses that we buy for the shoots, this includes ball gowns and wedding dresses.


Rock the frock.

Well I guess this would be a city shoot maybe playing in a fountain and just a fun fashion style dress /ball gown photo shoot with you looking a million dollars (1.5 Million UK pounds) 🙂 on a photo shoot.. you have to be brave though.. you just never know what your photographer will have you doing on your rock the frock photo shoot!

Many of our photo shoots are held in public places on quiet days, these can be urban or woodland or on walk abouts.
There are many options and your photographer will work with you to provide you with stunning photos and / or albums for you.

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