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With winter slowly creeping in and todays great weather, its no wonder that some brides are thinking BBQ for a day of pleasure when there is a nice trip out for the photo shoots for a few hours of fun. I must say that I would love to see uncle bob pulling off a trash the dress photo shoot, well they do a lot of weddings these days!

I have spent the best part of the end of this week  looking at the highlandphoto.org.uk website  and I have heard some interesting stories about Graham who claims to be a profesional..ppp Nope sorry cant type photographer!! Hes not what us real professional photographers would call a professional and I reported him to Trading Standards.. hes a very naughty boy.

But  after that I found myself wanting to do a photo shoot, come on ladies entertain me!! Pretty please!

I have had a flick about on the GTWCMT you tube channel and linking the trash the dress photo shoot videos together, so you can see some photos and then the album from the shoot.

Makes things a little more interesting on this site as its all just text and no pictures.. So here is the mock up album so that you dont have to click the links above to see it.


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