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If you are thinking of a trash the dress shoot in the UK then you should get in touch with us (me – Rory)

If you have been to the trash the dress website you will see that while we had lots of people contacting us for photo shoots back in the summer there is a lack of interest this winter.. I’m not sure why!!

It may be that its a little cold for a watery photo shoot, but there are still plenty of places available where you can have your shoot taken.

While not shooting you can be fed coffee, tea or hot chocolate and even put on a big warm coat so that you dont get too cold 🙂


Due to the slow uptake and maybe as we have honest prices (pay for the work we do and buy prints at lower prices)  we will try to shoot some people for the least amount of money as possible. But please dont forget we have costs to cover and trust me when I say taking a photo with a digital camera is not free. Just like running a business..car etc.. but we (I) try. So come on over and give me a call. You may still be able to get your album back in time for christmas…


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