For those brides that have come to the first year of their wedding, it is of course your wedding anniversary which is Paper..

You can treat yourself and your hubby with a stunning photo shoot with the both of you on our trash the dress or rock the frock  photo shoot..

But if you are a little daring, you brides may want something a little more secret and exciting to give your husband with a Bridal Boudoir Photo shoot. As you my have come to this blog from our boudoir blog site You will know that we offer a great time on our photo shoot and our bridal boudoir shoot can take place both before the wedding day, where we would offer you the album or pocket-book or Both to give to him on the wedding day… well If you missed out on your chance to do that, then why not now take advantage?

Sample album for Bridal Boudoir

With your first years anniversary to be symbolised with paper nothing is  as unique as a Bridal boudoir album for him, We all know it’s a day for you to look stunning and be pampered, but he doesn’t have to know that, to him it’s just a special gift you wanted to share with him..

We all know that trying to fit in one of these secret bridal  boudoir photo shoots can be a little hard and that is why we shoot till late, so if you can’t take time off work we can shoot after work, week days and weekends..


A Trash the dress photo

trash the wedding dress

trash the wedding dress

Promotions Spring 2010

I Know its christmas time and the weather outside is a little chilly but we are thinking ahead… way way ahead…

If you have seen some of the photos that we have done and LONG to have a SUPER FUN TRASH THE DRESS PHOTO SHOOT.. then why not get in touch?
We are planning on increasing our websites gallery page and we want you to help us.. and in return we are going to help you!

We are looking for some girls and some guys to come into our lives and fill it with FUN and more fun on a photo shoot, we will shoot your photography in return that you meet our costs and you get some great photo and have a fun day..

Bring you hubby along, leave him at home just bring yourself, your dress or ball gown and we will do the rest.. Just let us know that you want to come and we will start making the arrangements with you..

If we can we will try to arrange a multi shoot with a few girls at different locations for the shoots and that way it’s even more great value…

Most of the time I sit here wondering about where is the best place for a photo shoot? what could give me those WOW photos? and how to mix it up with some FUN.. well not some but lots of fun….

Prague stunning locations for urberx photo shoots

So in order to mix things up add some spice and a good helping of FUN and SUN.. would you like to join me on a trash the dress photo shoot in Prague?

a Simple arrangement will be made by myself so that we can meet up flight to Prague for the weekend or a few days, taking in the city on one day and shoot the next.
it’s a nice little mix of holiday some sun, fun and great photos as if you were a professional model on a photo shoot in the historic city.
While the theme is trashing the dress, I would like to get a good range of fashion photos as well. I think it would be a good Idea to invite your hubby or boyfriend along as well or he may think something strange is going on.
May mix in a little bridal boudoir into the mix as a little present for your partner as a little surprise for them..

I would be thinking of going around early May 2010 and as long as you dont work me too hard, then it should be a low cost shoot and album package.

Night life in Prague its not all work on this photo shoot.

Brush up on a few phrases

Visit our trash the dress photography website.

Some viewer may see this in publications very soon….

A winter wonderland

If you are thinking of a trash the dress shoot in the UK then you should get in touch with us (me – Rory)

If you have been to the trash the dress website you will see that while we had lots of people contacting us for photo shoots back in the summer there is a lack of interest this winter.. I’m not sure why!!

It may be that its a little cold for a watery photo shoot, but there are still plenty of places available where you can have your shoot taken.

While not shooting you can be fed coffee, tea or hot chocolate and even put on a big warm coat so that you dont get too cold 🙂


Due to the slow uptake and maybe as we have honest prices (pay for the work we do and buy prints at lower prices)  we will try to shoot some people for the least amount of money as possible. But please dont forget we have costs to cover and trust me when I say taking a photo with a digital camera is not free. Just like running a business..car etc.. but we (I) try. So come on over and give me a call. You may still be able to get your album back in time for christmas…

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