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Wedding photography, Is it becoming a bit of an old hat?

Weddings are an expensive affair and  wedding photography can be costly and take up your family and fun time during the wedding, but  what about something a little different?

Trash the dress and rock the frock are a lot different from the traditional wedding photography  they add fashion and drama that you do not normally see at a wedding, it could even be a greater shock for aunts and grandparents if you were taking some traditional wedding photos and down by the lake and then suddenly jumped in! I can imagine the faces now!! 🙂

If a wedding is about Love, fun and good times then perhaps a trashing the wedding dress photo shoot could be just what your wedding needs to be different from everyone else’s wedding.
But if this is a little too much, why not book a session with our photographers after the wedding day to get those fancy snaps of your wedding?


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We  just wanted to bump a post on the trash the dress blog as it seems that its all gone a little quiet over the winter and spring with zero bookings!  We have already started making plans for the Summer photo shoot in Prague in a few months time. We wanted to know how we could entice you ladies into digging out your old wedding dress from maybe last years wedding and come along for a photo shoot.

At the moment we are at a little bit of a loss as  we seem to have fallen into catch 22,  clients may want to see more photo’s but as we are starting out on this trashing of the dresses,  we dont have a lot of pictures to show you  to bring you in for these fun exciting photo shoots.. see our problem..

All I can do is ask,  if you want to mix a short city break with a fun photo shoot with a difference, then why not give us a shout and we can see what we can work out.

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Cooling down over the summer

We are now taking bookings for summer 2010, while some of you may not  have your wedding out-of-the-way for this year, we do suggest booking your summer trashing the wedding dress photo shoots now.

During the summer we are VERY busy and it can be a bit of a nightmare to get everything sorted out for a trash the dress photo shoot. It can take weeks of planning and then the photo shoot has to be fitted in around other shoots like weddings, boudoir and family portraits as well as all the post production work that we do after each of the photo shoots.

It takes around a week or two weeks to do the photo shoot and the post production so that only leave 52 or 27 weeks a year, and not forgetting that summer seems to only be around a month here in the UK.  So really we are looking at around 15 weeks or 8 photo shoots that we are able to do each year.

As you are aware if you have read this blog, we have our Prague Photo shoot which we are now planning on making the booking for this stunning back drop and photo shoot for trashing the dress and having some great FUN.. its not going to be all work so it is a bit of a mix of Photo shoot and Fun so you will get to party a little as well on that shoot.

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trash the wedding dress

trash the wedding dress

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Some viewer may see this in publications very soon….

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Trashing the wedding dress dispite its name sake, is not always about trashing a dress and then binning it afterwards.

In fact the dress we used came up clean after the Trash the Dress photo shoot we did. OK, so it took two washes, but it still came up clean.

I was reading the posts on the Times on line about Trash the Dress photo shoots. and it would seem from some of the posts that women think that its a waste.

I though this was funny

I plan to trash my dress in 2 weeks time. I could spend £100 on getting the dress dry cleaned and then shove it in a box…but I’d much rather spend the money getting some fun pics. And as long as theres enough ‘decent’ material left to make a garter and ring cushion for my daughter I am happy! x

its a bit of good fun to some but not to others.

I think all those who encourage this sort of thing are just hooligans at heart. And those who participate in it are little better. To my mind, it is vandalism tantamount to sacrilege. What a sad relection on what society has become!
Think of your gown as it was…then see it as it is after the fun

Dennis Silver, St. Annes, UK


Well you cant always please everyone. But saying that…

If people book a trash the dress shoot with us, then they can borrow a dress from us speciffically for this type of shoot. We have a few and we will be getting some more in as people book up for the shoots. I think one of the key points as to the dress getting trashed, is mainly down to the material that its made from, as we know some materials stain more than others. With wedding dresses less than £150 you cant really go wrong.. Who said you had to trash your own dress???

AND  Importantly, we do a Rock the frock shoot, which is like trashing the dress but with less emphsis on destruction like some of the shoots I have seen.

So its a choice that we offer at the end of the day.

  1. Trash the dress, your own dress or a loan dress from us.
  2. Rock the frock, with a loan dress from us or in your own dress.

Being a wedding photographer, I have seen dresses that are almost as bad after a wedding as they are from a Trash the Dress shoot.

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