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Wedding photography, Is it becoming a bit of an old hat?

Weddings are an expensive affair and  wedding photography can be costly and take up your family and fun time during the wedding, but  what about something a little different?

Trash the dress and rock the frock are a lot different from the traditional wedding photography  they add fashion and drama that you do not normally see at a wedding, it could even be a greater shock for aunts and grandparents if you were taking some traditional wedding photos and down by the lake and then suddenly jumped in! I can imagine the faces now!! 🙂

If a wedding is about Love, fun and good times then perhaps a trashing the wedding dress photo shoot could be just what your wedding needs to be different from everyone else’s wedding.
But if this is a little too much, why not book a session with our photographers after the wedding day to get those fancy snaps of your wedding?


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Well the year is well and truely underway and its set to be even busier across the photography services offered by us at National Photographer.
Last year we spent a lot of time with the website development, creating our studio and locations list so that we are ready for our clients. This year has started with more photography than last year and our Boudoir Photo shoots are proving to be popular.
We have arranged the commercial side of the boudoir and  glamor photography to grafixphoto.co.uk The new Grafixphoto website is a work in progress as we have carried out a lot of work across all of the websites and the blogs.

We have planned a shoot this summer in Prague and have two clients for this which will be great to build up the profile.

We have had a Massive problem with the hosting service from Streamline.net as they don’t/can’t set their systems correctly, which means that none of the mail systems work correctly.
We are lucky as GTWCMT is providing some of the services that we need to work, but we still have large communication problems with emails working and then they disappear into junk folders.

We are now working on fixing the services and switching supplier and hopefully can resolve these issues and spend more time on photography and  of course developing the trash the dress portfolio.

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You can now visit our New wedding Photography Blog online, It will go into weddings album and package and the services that we offer. click here for visit the blog.


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